David Johnson: Experienced. Fair. Dedicated.

Fair and impartial courts protect the rights of everyone to equal justice under the law. When people come to court, they should be confident that the judge will decide their cases strictly on the law and facts. They should expect judges to follow the highest ethical standards and not be influenced by powerful interests outside the courtroom. And they should know that their cases will be resolved by judges who know the law and courtroom procedure.

As a state legislator, David Johnson has spent more than a decade working to pass laws that promote fairness. He spearheaded legislation to improve probation and parole services to get past offenders on the right track. He also supported increased funding for effective diversion programs, including drug courts. And he was the legislator who led the charge to pass strong antibullying legislation to protect children at school. David has demonstrated the highest ethical standards, declining to accept state legislative reimbursements for ten years in a row.

David is skilled in the law and courtroom procedure.  During his eighteen years as a licensed attorney in Arkansas, he has tried more than fifty jury trials and hundreds of non-jury trials in a wide variety of criminal and civil cases. His litigation experience stretches from the administrative tribunal to the Arkansas Supreme Court. 

David Johnson will serve Pulaski County as an ethical, experienced, and fair district judge.  He asks for your support in this election.



  • Hundreds of court cases, including 53 jury trials
  • Deputy prosecuting attorney
  • Private practice
  • General counsel experience
  • Special district court judge
  • First Branch Award from Arkansas Judicial Council


  • Married to Amy Dunn Johnson
  • Three daughters
  • Central Arkansas resident since early childhood
  • Active Member, First United Methodist Church, Little Rock  


"Please make an online contribution to help elect David Johnson as District Court Judge."

- Campaign Co-Treasurer Caroline Spencer


There are TWO WAYS to make a contribution to support David Johnson's bid to become district court judge:   

         1.  Send check made payable to "Committee to Elect David Johnson" to P. O. Box 22644, Little Rock, AR  72221-22644.

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Notice:  Arkansas law provides that only a United States citizen or an approved political action committee may contribute. Each citizen or approved political action committee is limited to contributing no more than $2,700. Arkansas law requires the campaign to collect and report each contributor's name and address as well as place of business, employer, and occupation if applicable.

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